A Little Richland Homes History...

Created by Jerry Torczon, Richland Homes represents a sense of pride and commitment to quality that is apparent in every home he builds. Jerry is a respected leader in the community and the building industry. Known as a man of his word, his old-fashion values give him a solid reputation.

At Richland Homes, they believe that home ownership is still at the very heart of the American dream. Where hard work shapes itself into a comfortable place for a family and friends to gather, children to grow and memories are cherished for a lifetime. After being in business for more than a quarter century, Jerry's core philosophy remains the same.

I've had the privilege of representing Jerry and his Richland Homes product since it's inception.    I know this product exceptionally well and can tell you, It's simply one of the best new construction homes offered in the Omaha/Metro and surrounding areas.  Richland Homes has expanded over the last 6 years and has sold hundreds of homes already, with expansion into the Lincoln market & Council Bluffs, Iowa to serve our heavy downtown Corporate work force.

I proudly represent this Builder in addition to helping you all in the existing market.  I happy to and can help you with ALL of your Richland Homes needs in any locaton.    I'm proud to have been involved in the launch of Richland Homes since 2012, so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.